Focus on the Family vs. Planned Parenthood

The following entry responds to this commercial which appeared in last week’s Super Bowl, and this ad which Planned Parenthood put on their website in response to the Tebow ad. It also references a series of responses to the Tebow ad that appeared in the Washington Post.

I find it interesting that the commercial never once says doctors encouraged Tebow’s mother to have an abortion. I realize it might seem like common knowledge to some, especially if you do any research or know anything about Tebow’s story.

Yet, to the common observer, CBS allowed no commercial that openly criticized abortion because the ad spoke about the importance of family. Thus, I do not understand pro-choice advocates frustration with the ad with regards to this matter. It does not undermine “the choice of a woman” to suggest the other side of it. The epitome of a choice is to have options. Otherwise, they might as well call their group pro-abortion. They should welcome the other side as the other choice.

I do realize the absurdity of spending $2 million on a commercial. Is that really the best use of the money generated by Focus on the Family? Where else could that have been spent? Presumably, they had donors give money for just that commercial, but either way, the money could likely be spent a better way–perhaps, preventing teen pregnancy.

I do respect Planned Parenthood for saying they respect the choice Pam Tebow made, if their sentiments are true. However, it seems more like a ploy to avoid saying how they really feel. Allow me. They continue on to define their version of family as the respect of their daughters. They promote the idea that family is about respect, respect for women. What about accountability?

To be honest, I feel strongly about this issue for numerous reasons. To me, upon conception, a child is created. Thus, abortion kills the child. I cannot think that is okay on any level. Of course, I cannot possibly imagine the embarrassment, the fear and the responsibility of becoming pregnant as a teenager or without being ready. However, even without my faith dominating my reasoning, I could not accept the idea of abortion.

In our society, we teach our citizens that our actions have consequences. If you commit a crime, you will pay a fine or spend time in jail. If a student disobeys a teacher, they likely will go see the principle or attend detention. If a child misses curfew, the parents ground them. If a girl gets pregnant, they can get rid of it. Wait a moment, does that send the same message? No, that does not teach girls the fear of consequences, nor does it teach boys responsibility. They can have unprotected sex and then encourage their girlfriends to get an abortion–problem solved. That teaches our boys nothing, except they can get out of one more thing they fear, one more responsibility. They can sleep around without consequences. Furthermore, now the girls can too. No need to be sexist. All are created equally selfish.

To me, both ads are absurd. Each should spend their money on an individual basis and stop trying to attack the masses. If Focus on the Family raises $2 million, they should use it to assuage rising teenage pregnancy or to promote adoption. Be realistic and be responsible with your money.


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