A country’s poor mindset

This blog references this NY Times article.

Roger Cohen reminds me of a point about community I have thought a lot of about, especially recently. It’s something I touched on with my comments about healthcare reform in a previous post. We do lack a sense of community in the United States. We think of ourselves, first and for most. At most, we may consider our close family or best friends. 

We as Christians should feel responsibility for the well being of those around us, not just those close to our hearts. In fact, all of God’s people should be close to our hearts, as part of the mission given to us by God. We are called to be “disciples of Christ.” For many churches or individual Christians, they apply this mindset once a year when they attend a mission trip, when they do a good dead (notice the singularity used) for a begging homeless person, or the donations they make to every once in a while to a food bank. God does not call us to be disciples of Christ once a year. It’s a daily task.

If some Christians do not agree with the idea of government being involved with healthcare or welfare, then they should be leading the way to do it themselves. The church should ultimately be the one that reaches out to these people that don’t have a way to take their kid to the doctor because they don’t have health insurance. The church should take care of the homeless and the fatherless. However, these problems remain nationwide.

I don’t pretend to feel confident in a proper solution. I don’t know whether a corrupt government should involve itself. Yet, how corrupt is an institution that actually wants to help those without a way to help themselves? I question how corrupt that truly is.

Some sort of change needs to happen. Someone or some people need to stop sitting on their hands and take action. I help with an inner city ministry. It’s my way of taking at least a little action, a way I can live out my faith. What’s yours? Maybe the answer lies with giving a government a chance to intervene, to help. I can’t say I agree or disagree with this option wholeheartedly, but  I actually think I lean more towards agreeing. Yes, gasp, I’m another Christian liberal, or so it seems, but i consider myself simply a Christian trying to live out my faith in the best way I know how.


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