Healthcare reform and faith

See this article for summary of the healthcare reform issue.

 Until Hait’s devastating earthquake, the issue of healthcare reform prevailed within most of the media. It is still a primary issue on Capitol Hill.

I’ve found myself considering my thoughts on the universal healthcare issue for some time now. I understand the financial ramifications of passing such an enormous bill, nearing $871 billion. I understand the issue with the public option. I do not understand some people’s willingness to continue on with the way healthcare is in its present state.

Under the diminishing economy, parents continue to lose their jobs and cannot afford to take their children to the doctor. All they can do is hope that their child avoids accidents and infection. What if those children are diagnosed with leukemia? How will their bills be paid? If their parents do obtain a job with benefits, they likely will not receive coverage for their sick child, being that it is a pre-existing condition. Insurance companies repeatedly deny coverage to some citizens because they consider the condition to be “pre-existing.” 

This does not just happen in these cases. Citizens all across our country are denied coverage either because of these types of conditions or inability to pay premiums. What are we as Christians to say about this? Living out our faith means loving the people around us. I feel as if we should care about those who are refused coverage.

Some might say this should be dealt with on an individual basis taken on by Christian organizations because that is why they exist. They say it is not a governmental issue. It will only be corrupted by politicians tacking on other issues to the bill. 

To these people I say, do you take this same ideal and apply it to gay marriage? Christian organizations/lobbyists run to Capitol to fight legalizing gay marriage. Will politicians not corrupt this issue? 

If you think the church should handle these issues on an individual basis away from government, then the same should be done for gay marriage. Live out your faith the same way. Avoid hypocrisy.


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