“God was guiding me toward a direction”

  • Several university students choose to serve others in various communities during spring break, including
  • Student spends spring break serving with Church group for Habitat for Humanity in San Antonio
  • Student group “Outreach” serves Arkansas ministry and homeless ministry in Memphis, Tenn.

While many university students take a vacation to the beach or a trip home to their parents during their spring break, some students choose to forgo a week of relaxation for a way to serve others.

Nicholas Thompson, Jerica Briggs and Amanda Hoover will all go on different mission trips this spring break.

A week with Habitat for Humanity

“I want to tell people about God and to let my light shine by building houses for those less fortunate, a way that isn’t necessarily the most obvious,” Thompson said. “I also want to build a renewed sense of community with my friends.”

Thompson plans to visit San Antonio along with Memorial Road Church of Christ and work with Habitat for Humanity.

I’m looking forward to the renewing of friendships and just not worrying about school for a change,” Thompson said.

Thompson thought about going camping or travelling to see family, but he said he feels compelled to go on a mission trip. He has not been a part of a short-term mission trip this year.

“Anything away from school is a getaway, but I felt like God was guiding me toward a direction,” Thompson said. “I was potentially going to take a trip to some exotic place but was pulled to the San Antonio trip.”

Jeff McMillon will lead the group, including Memorial Road’s college ministry and other Oklahoma Christian University students that signed up for the trip. The group plans to build a community of houses.

“I hope to show those who may not be that close to God a light that they may not get to see everyday, to grow spiritually and to learn more about myself in whatever way God is leading me,” Thompson said.

“Personal style of ministry”

Hoover will work in Little Rock, Ark., with River City Ministries, an organization ministering to the lower socioeconomic classes. She will go with the Oklahoma Christian’s ministry group “Outreach.”

“It will be a very personal style of ministry as we’ll be working with the people face to face a majority of the time,” Hoover said.

Before graduation, Hoover wants to take advantage of the few breaks she has left to participate in mission trips without the responsibility of full-time employment.

“This is a great time to be able to take an entire week off and really experience a short-term mission experience,” Hoover said. “I’m sure after this trip my spiritual life will be tested and I’ll be made aware of more opportunities to serve.”

Serving the homeless of Memphis

Briggs plans to participate in the “Outreach” trip to Memphis, Tenn. The group will do an after-school program for some of the local kids with Bible lessons, crafts, homework help and other activities.

“It is a really satisfying way to spend your break,” Briggs said. “You are given the opportunity to go someplace different, meet new people and most of all learn from those you are serving.”

They will also work with the homeless in downtown Memphis and do service projects for several Churches of Christ in the city.

“I think we are called as Christians to go where there are real-life problems and restore people that have experienced destruction,” Briggs said. “In our short time there we don’t really get to do much of this, but it’s refreshing to watch people who have committed to live and work there.”

See this article for students of the same university spending their spring break in Honduras.


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