Almost missed my flight

Well, I did it again. I cut another departure close. It felt like Europe all over again. I arrived at the airport 45 minutes before my flight left. It´s what I planned. My parents asked me, and I knew last year it took me two minutes to get through security. Naturally, I assumed this year would be the same.

It wasn´t. I walked past security checkpoint #1 because it had an insanely long line.  Too bad security checkpoint #2 did too. Still, I stayed at the latter and waited. Behind a line of probably 50 people. I´ve never seen this many people at the OKC airport, let alone in line. I wondered if I should go back to the other checkpoint because I thought it had less people. Nope, I didn´t go anywhere.

I began to wonder what would happen if I missed my flight. ¨Nope I can´t afford that,¨ I thought. ¨That´s not an option.¨

Then, the bride happened. ¨It´s my wedding, and I´m trying to make it to my bachelorette party,¨she said from the front of the line, outside the rope. She wanted to skip ahead of everyone in line, not just her, her group of friends as well.

While she spoke, I thought,¨Right, someone´s going to tell you if they mind.¨

Everyone remained silent. The security officer moved the rope, and the bride and whole wedding party sauntered to the front. I love brides. I didn´t want to kill her or anything, though. I´m a good person.

The lady came over the loud-speaker and told our flight we had 20 minutes before the door closed. I was still pretty far back in the line. I began to pray. I called my mom and asked her to pray. I wasn´t missing this flight.

Then, I decided to take after the bride. ¨Are you trying to catch a flight that´s soon?¨

¨7:30,¨ she said.

¨Can I skip ahead of you?¨ I asked. ¨I´m trying to catch a 6:30 flight.

 She looked at me as if I just asked her to be my surrogate. Heaven forbid she be late to wait to board at her gate.

¨Yeah…¨ She said.

I felt her enthusiasm oozing from her voice. I jumped ahead three people, but still I was nervous.

Finally, at 6:15 I got up to the security belt. I went through quickly, except the guard hesitated on my bag.

¨I´ll kill you,¨ I thought. ¨There´s nothing there. Just give me my bag.¨

But the bag came to my hand at 6:18. In proper Europe trip fashion, I took off running to catch my transportation. This wasn´t going to be the first flight I ever missed. Of course, my gate was the furthest one away. Thankfully, the OKC airport is tiny.

I made it to my gate out of breath, thinking I should really exercise more. Then, what does the ticket lady say to me?¨

¨You almost missed it.¨

¨Yes, thank you,¨ I thought. ¨I´m well aware. Now give me my ticket before I punch you in the face.¨

I half-smiled and kept walking after she scanned my boarding pass.

As I sat in my sit, my heart pounded. It was a fun activity for 6:00 a.m. I LOVE MORNING TIME.

Solid beginning to a trip, I think.


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