Breaking Chains

God worked through the chaos of last summer here in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He brought triumph out of confusion for Amber. Even though she had to leave last summer, she was able to raise money to feed the homeless more nights a week. Now, she even has support for a building. I watched Amber sign the contract on the building! There will soon be a homeless shelter for the blessed people now living on the streets. It´s called Breaking Chains. In a year, she will be able to buy it. For now, it’s a rental.

Last year, when I was here, we fed the homeless twice a week to one place, the stadium. Now, we go four times a week to three different places downtown. I left Honduras completely disappointed and angry that I had to leave. Yet, God showed me he works miracles out of the greatest frustration. It doesn´t matter what. He will provide in his way and in his way alone.

As Amber walked me through the building on Wednesday, chills came down my arms. As she described what purpose each of the numerous rooms would serve, I couldn´t help but smile. Jehovah is truly incredible. The building needs work, but so do we. God works on us, and he will use his people to work on the building as well.

I can´t help but want to stay here. I can´t help but want to be a part of this ministry on a more permanent basis. I don´t know if God has that in mind for me, but I remain open to it. I only lack two semesters of college in order to make decisions about my future. We will see what God has in mind.

It´s only been a week, and I´ve gained so much. What else is in store for the next week? I look forward to finding out.


One thought on “Breaking Chains

  1. Those of us who read your thoughts are proud to know you are being spiritually blessed by your work and the work of those you share this experience with – especially the children you serve in Jesus’ name.

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