Learning God´s lessons, sometimes with gritted teeth


It seems to always begin to pour before we go feed the homeless lately.


Before coming here, I made a deal with God, and now he wants to cash in. If you read earlier posts, It´s obvious I committed to God that I would give this time in Honduras over to him. I also told him I would try to learn whatever he wanted to teach me. He´s cashing in on this commitment. It´s not always easy, and, trust me, I don´t always do it. Yet, I´ve realized it´s much easier if I do.   

This week, I´ve learned how to become more patient. Something I always need. I´ve learned more what life would be like if I decide to move here after graduation.   

Thursday involved goodbyes. Darwin left school to take Amber to the airport. We all sulked a bit around the house before she left. None of us wanted her to leave. Amber thought of last-minute things I might need, emergency numbers and such. She had already given me them. Mainly, she simply cleaned around the house; I don´t think she knew what else to do. At 9:30 a.m. we said our goodbyes, and reluctantly she left.   

I suddenly had the house to myself. It became the first of many mornings in the past five days I´ve spent quietly. I´m trying to enjoy it, since it won´t last much more, but I don´t like the quiet. On the week days, Darwin gets home between 12;30 and 1 p.m. from school.   

Thursday and Friday afternoon, we had Shine tutoring. I helped Claudi get her book report done over Puss in Boots. Yep, try explaining that book in Spanish. Thankfully, we already did that weeks ago. She was gone the week before when we did José´s and Dianna´s. Escarleth still had to finish hers. She´s a little perfectionist like I was (and still am sometimes). Amber and I laughed about it the week before. She told me she was like Dianna, rushing to get it done. I told her I always wanted to do that but wanted my work to look perfect. Escarleth drew much more than she had too and kept sighing, wanting to be done.   

We got Escarleth´s and Claudi´s done quickly, though. Apparently, Escarleth was over being meticulous. They both always impresses me with their intelligence. It´s so adorable to hear them speak English. I love all the Shine kids.    

Thursday night, Darwin and I fed the homeless downtown. It went great. They´re all so kind to me, even though they give us a hard time. Except for tutoring, we spent Friday cleaning and getting read for company, even though we didn´t end up having any. I made tacos for us. Darwin finally finished everything in time for dinner.

Saturday, we met Will and Rachel at the airport to pick up Dudley and his crew, including the new HIM workers. They are here for the week to see what it´s like. They will move here at the end of the summer. They left for Jovenes, the other boys´ home, and we went to Darwin´s soccer game. We had to feed that night, which meant we couldn´t go with Dudley´s crew. None of them, as we found out, planned to go with us. That night, we went to five different places downtown to get rid of all the food. We usually run out by the third place, but the rain kept a lot of people away. I´m not sure where they go because there isn´t a shelter.  

At the fourth place, a man in his forties came up to get food. He had never seen us before. He acted very appreciative. He took one plate and walked off, telling me he would come back for one for himself. Then, he emerged from a nearby house with a pot and his daughter. He asked us if it was okay. We said of course. We still had lots of food. He kept saying, ¨This will feed my family tomorrow and the next day.¨  

Sunday, we went to the boys´ home. Short on time, we didn´t bring games. We only stayed for an hour. We could have brought games, but Darwin didn´t think we needed to. I tend to just go along with what he says. He´s a good little brother and takes care of things. Cesar had Skip Bo. I told him I didn´t remember how to play. It turned out not to matter because we didn´t really play Skip Bo. At least, they weren´t the rules I remembered. One of the boys played my hand with me. They´re all so sweet. A few of the others ones flirt a lot. I just tease them, and they get the hint that I´m not interested. They´re harmless. We played another game, and Cesar played with me. He´s one of the littlest boys there. He and Danny are my kids. I´m going to miss them so much.  

After that, we went to church in Magote. It was strange having Dudley´s crew there, so many gringos. I saw some of my kids from last summer. It was great to see them. I think the older sister kind of remembered me, but I didn´t expect them to. They were pretty little and still are. They see a lot of gringos. One of the other girls told me they never come to church unless they see several gringos. Then, I understood why I hadn´t seen them. We hadn´t had any groups of gringos.  

Today has been pretty laid back. We didn´t have tutoring today. Rachel said she could do it. It´s been raining off and on this afternoon. It poured earlier, but it seems to have slowed down now. We’ll see if it starts back up again. It makes feeding a little more difficult, only because not as many people show up. It doesn´t matter much, though. We´ll leave in the next hour or so. Hopefully, the rain stops, but if it doesn´t, people will still get fed, just different ones.

Amber gets back in four days. Until then, I´m not sure what the next few days will be like. We may go to Isopo on Wednesday with a guy arriving tomorrow. He comes every year and helps the locals learn how to plant better corn. We may have tutoring some of the days. We´ll feed tomorrow night and Thursday before Amber arrives on Friday morning. We may also go to the boys´home tomorrow afternoon. We usually do, but I don´t know if we will have time with Amber gone. God´s teaching me flexibility too. 

 I´ve learned a lot of what life is like here. Groups are only part of the time. The rest of the year, we can focus on major projects. It´s been good, and he has blessed my life. I look forward to my remaining days here.


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