¨Pretty in Pink¨


Can also be the new color of your canine


We filled last Wednesday with last-minute activities. We spent it rushing around trying to tie up loose ends before Amber left. We went to the grocery store. We discussed other details I might need to know. All the things I needed to remember or help Darwin carry out.  Amber packed. We still had fun, though. We rented movies and watched two of them. We laughed about how crazy our weeks apart will likely become.

Then, we went to the happy place, the one with crepes. That night we ate at our favorite restaurant. In my mind, that place stands as a little piece of heaven. The chicken caesar crepe satisfies me, and then the dessert crepe makes me delightfully happy. Darwin was in an especially goofy mood and made us laugh throughout the meal.

Though, nothing compared to our laughter the first time Amber took me to the crepe place my first week.

Since the crepe place is in the mall, there are several restaurants around it. From the seating area, we can see a TV in a shop across the atrium.

During my first time at the crepe place, that shop had on the ¨Dog Whisperer¨ show. If you´ve never seen the show, please continue to enjoy your freedom from the insanity. During this episode, the guest actually outshined the bonkers host.

The guest was a lady dressed in all pink. They showed her house, decked out in every shade of pink known to man. Every electronic, piece of furniture and even appliance was pink. Trust me, I wish I was exaggerating.

At first glance of the screen, I thought she had a pillow in her lap. I soon realized, with a camera closeup, that pillow had eyes, a mouth and a tongue hanging from that mouth. Now, don´t jump to conclusions. The lady hadn´t dressed her dog in pink. No, this lady, clearly off her rocker, dyed her dog pink. It wasn´t a baby pink, either. This lady made her Maltese look like a Hostess Sno Ball, one of those pink-blob substances that some people buy in gas stations and put in their stomachs.

Think about the pink Maltese next time you consider eating the pink blob. You might find yourself eating dog.

To each his own, of course. I for one didn´t know you could dye dogs an entirely new shade. I still will never use this new found information on my own dog, but it makes for a good story.


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