“I wish I could juggle fire.”

        As we idled at a stoplight one night last May, Darwin and I discussed the view in front of us at a downtown Tegucigalpa intersection. Here’s a rough translation, minus all the pauses while we stared at each other in disbelief.
       “That would never happen in the States,” I said, while gawking. 
       ¨Why, is it illegal?¨ My little brother in Honduras Darwin replied.
       ¨Um, I don´t know…maybe?¨ I said. ¨It just would never happen.¨
       ¨Because it is illegal?¨ He said.
       ¨Possibly, but I don´t know that it comes up a lot,¨ I said. “It’s just not done.”
       “That’s weird,” he said.
       Surprisingly enough, I actually felt the man juggling fire in the middle of an intersection was weird, not its lack of existence in the United States. Go figure.
       I would expect the normal woman begging for money or the guy with all the phones that I really doubt work, but a guy juggling fire?
       No, sorry, Darwin, I think that’s a little weird but……. TOTALLY AWESOME, of course. I remember thinking to myself, “I wish I could juggle fire.”
       Four months later, I just wish I could juggle school and my faith.
I vowed to stay involved in ministry when I returned to school. For the first few weeks, I made it to Capitol Hill. I told myself I would even go on Thursday devotional night.
       Still, four weeks into school, I’ve barely gone.
       Why do I live out my faith so much better when I’m in Honduras or Houston? Why does it have to be an internship or a job I’ve committed to? Why have school and work become more important? No, I can juggle. I juggle three jobs and school. That guy juggled fire. Why can’t I juggle my life?
       Oh right, I’m trying to do it on my own. Rookie mistake.

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