Oh, if only we could travel through time…

To see Jesus, of course. Well, if I don’t answer this way, I feel like I might go to hell. Or, isn’t that the unspoken rule?

But, when I answer that way, I feel like the tool that everyone can’t stand in the youth group because he always answers “Jesus” to every “who would you choose” question. Who would you have dinner with? Jesus. Who’s your best friend? Jesus. Who do you admire most? Jesus. We all know that guy, and we all want to punch him in the face.

Although, I’m sure that guy in our youth group grew up to become a very nice man (Okay, Mom?).

But seriously, if you had a “hot tub time-machine” or a Delorean that travels through the space-time continuum at 88 mph, where would you go? To see Woodstock?  To watch the signing of the Declaration of Independence (the other default answer; if not, well, you’re  unpatriotic–another ticket to hell)? To hear Martin Luther King’s famous speech? To view Moses, not Charlton Heston, parting the Red Sea?

What about the feeding of the 5,000 in the Gospels? I would love to see the disciples faces as the food kept coming. Did they see the extra food appear? Did it grow from the original food instead? In those moments, my mother would say, “That’s just something we’re going to have to ask God.” This response, to my curious younger self, is like saying “because I said so.”

But, if I had a time machine, I could meet Jesus now, and I wouldn’t have to wait to ask my questions…BONUS.

Even if it means I have to be that guy, I think I still pick Jesus.

I would ask him,” How do I unite Christians?” I would tell him, “I’m tired of denominations. I’m tired of churches who claim to be non-denominational but aren’t.”

Jesus could give me the knowledge to prevent our divisions.

Alas, I have no hot tub time machine, no Delorean. But I do have one thing…something God-given, God-inspired, God-breathed – his holy scripture. It tells us how to unite, and it tells us how to remain undivided. Some elements don’t have wiggle room. What we need to realize, though is that some do.

We can have differing opinions, differing interpretations and still remain Christian brothers and sisters, can’t we? Why must we make distinctions, if we are truly Christians, all followers of Christ.


One thought on “Oh, if only we could travel through time…

  1. I’ve grown a little too, since those busy, quick answer days of a young mom cause you’ve got to make a meal-get clothes folded-get the kids bathed before starting the next unending day- times. Now when I take time to reflect on God’s Word – I mean, not just read because I need to check “daily bible reading” off my list – I am intrigued by questions like, “how did the disciples react when the bread and fish began to multiply? How did the sinful woman feel when Jesus, instead of rebuking her, scolded self-righteous Simon instead, for being so “holier than thou?” How would I have reacted the first time I heard words like “Blessed are the poor in spirit…? Would I have come to Jesus, like the disciples did after they heard the parable of the soils, and asked, “What does it mean, Teacher? or would I have been satisfied with the parable, like the crowds were, and left for the day, not receiving the rest of the treasure from Jesus?
    When you get your time machine up and running, little one, let me know. We could go for a grand adventure.

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