2. “Did I just call God…?” – Some people fail to think before they speak.


Clinton's famous words he didn't think before uttering.


I’ve learned this irritating fact over and over in my life. Especially when it comes to my name.

 I experienced this again Sunday. It happened as it has many times – with a stranger – in a situation where I feel stressed already.

After a pre-school child acted out for the fifth time, I pulled him out of class to discipline him (no beating, don’t worry, just a time out and a lecture). Mid-speech, a staff member swooped and seized control.

I went back to class, and the child followed behind me shortly. Seeing his lack of punishment, I need to get out of room for a moment.

I left the classroom to get the unruly child a plate of food. 

I felt irritated as it was, knowing I could handle the situation but being treated like I couldn’t. Then the man happened. Not “the man” as in that entity hippies and revolutionaries fight against (Big Brother is watching you type paranoia). No, the man I’m speaking of has blond-ish hair, about 5’10” or 5’11”. He patrols the halls, trying to help out when needed. Oh, and he fails to think before he speaks…apparently.

I think Satan saw an opportunity.

As the man handed me an extra plate of food in the kitchen, he said, “Here ya go, Michelle.”

“Nope, nice try,” I said. “Close…but try again.” My tone was blunt but bordered rude. I didn’t care he didn’t know my name. I still don’t know his name. I cared that I was again having that conversation.

He stared at me. His face blank.

“It’s something close to Michelle,” I said. A nice person would have said the real name. 

“Mi….eye….chael?” He said.

“Yep,” I said.

“That’s right,” he said. “It’s Michael. Why did your parents decide to be so mean to you?”

“Well, they weren’t,” I said.

Again blank face.

“I happen to like my name, thank you,” I said. I kept my tone light but blunt.

I smiled with insincerity. 

Now, if people thought about this questions before they asked it, they would realize how insane it is. What do you expect me to say? I’m sorry that you don’t like it and seem small-minded, but I happen to like its originality – that my name isn’t Katie, Amy, Britney, etc. Do I look like a Britney to you? Oh no, you don’t expect me to say that? So, then do you want me to hate my name?

But ending my rant before it gets any uglier, the issue is they don’t think.

They react.

We’ve all done this at one time or another. Then why do we hate it so much in other people? Well, maybe you don’t. But why do I loathe it so much in other people, when I do the same thing on occasion?

I hope I’m not the only one who reacts like this. If so, I’m more terrible than I thought. Okay, okay I’ll work on it.


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