Maybe a pep talk for you, mostly for me


My baby Jaleah

Something reminded me today of a previous entry of mine. It may or may not have been someone’s Facebook status, but it was a thought-provoking one, nonetheless.

The thought read: 

What happens when certain mission points, social injustices and worthy causes aren’t “popular” or the “current” craze anymore?

I can’t help but be reminded of my own worries as I read these words. I want so much to know on a daily basis I live out what I claim. A faith in the Almighty God.  But I know the truth. I don’t. Not on a daily basis, anyway. I want a faith that’s not empty, not a craze follower. Just a true, lived out faith. But I often wonder if I do.

I have three homes. Honduras, Houston and Oklahoma City. Three places where pieces of my heart lie, as cheesy as that sounds (if it weren’t true, trust me I would avoid those words in a heartbeat).

Despite having spent more time in Oklahoma City, I worry I feel the closest to God, I feel like I’m living out my faith the most, when I’m working in Houston or Honduras, even though it pains me to admit it. For, in admitting that, I’m saying I spend most of my time with a stagnant faith. 

Am I no longer living out my faith because my craze is at a pause? Sometimes. There’s always that high you get from the short mission trip or summer church internship. Then you get home and a stagnant faith plagues you. I know the places here where I can serve, and sometimes I do it. Other times, “regular life” becomes too much.

How do we avoid this? How do I avoid it? Fight complacency everyday. Fight laziness every hour. Buck up, whiney, and go for the gold. But realize it doesn’t have to be a grand moment to have God written all over it.

Stop worrying about what you’re not doing. Besides….

Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?     — Matthew 6:27

At some point, I gotta listen to Nike, and just do it.


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