Making decisions about HIM

I came back from studying abroad in Europe nearly two years ago needing to travel more.

I wish it had more to do with missions originally than it did. But honestly, I just wanted to see more of the world. I had seen countries and experienced views like I had never in my short life. I became hooked. I craved new experiences. I loved the I-have-no-dea-what-to-expect-feeling that only came, I felt, from a new country. 

My brother and I talked about how to spend my last two summers of college. I figured I needed to work to support myself, which meant I wouldn’t have the money for more trips.

I had gone on several week-long mission trips and did a few mission projects while in Europe. Overall though, the trip surrounded my interests and entertainment. It gave me time to develop my faith even further separated from my parents’ faith. They provided me with a base I grew from. But my faith has changed so much since I left for that trip. 

I’m grateful for it, but it was definitely somewhat of a self-involved time for me. 

We talked about how I could raise funds to make up for not having a summer job. I hadn’t thought of that. It seems crazy to me that I didn’t think of it myself, now that I’ve fundraised several times. You begin to realize people are searching for someone to support. God asked us to give of ourselves, and many generous souls have done this for me.

So, as my brother and I threw out names of places I could go, we settled on Honduras (my brother knew the missionary there) or Another-place-I-can’t-remember. 

The next week I spoke with one of our missions’ professors on campus. We decided on Honduras because the internship program there was more established. I began sending out letters soon after, and (Sap alert) a love story began. 

As many of you know, I interned in Tegucigalpa, Honduras the next summer….and again this past May.

The funny thing is Tegucigalpa then led to me to Impact. I had to leave Honduras early and abruptly. I ended up at Impact to finish up the rest of my summer…..and again this past June, July and August. The second time no political crisis brought me to Impact, but I think God’s sense of humor did.

Sometimes I think God laughs at us. We question what he’s thinking, and he shakes his head, chuckles and says, “Just you wait, little one. I know.”

Now I’m about to commit soon to a two-year mission program in Honduras working with the same missionary. I think I hesitate because I’m so used to things just happening. But I also want to feel fully committed to this. I want to feel like I’ve thought about it and, as cliche as it sounds, feel at peace with it. The past few days have given me that, I think. I think God has laughed at me a lot, but hopefully he knows I took the time to think for the right reasons.

Now, I want to know what will come from the next change….dang it!


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