Those times when you just want to scream…

I’m finishing up one of those weeks. You know the type. The kind that makes you want to stab yourself in the eye (or something to that effect – I can barely touch my eye without flinching) while it’s happening.

At least my week didn’t introduce me to this bird.
But does it really take 12 lessons?


Thanksgiving break looms on the horizon, which made my week seem even longer. Monday was Monday…lengthy, boring and sleep-inducing (or so you would think). But I didn’t sleep much at all Tuesday night for reasons unknown to me….the sheep didn’t show up, I guess. And then my Wednesday lasted 17.5 hours between class and work.

I just told myself to get through it. Thanksgiving will come…some day. But it’s in these times when Jesus says, “Oh little one, I’ll brighten your day.

He does it through an e-mail telling you your school owes you money. Or through the person who won’t stop texting you until your mood brightens. Or the friend in class who makes you laugh before your big presentation. Or through your mother who’s there to listen to your whining on the phone while she sits next to a mountain of paperwork. 

Jesus comes in a variety of colors, shapes and body types. But he’s here, there and everywhere. For all his children.

Take a look around. Is he sitting next to you? Can he work through you to brighten someone else’s day?


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