Fruits come alive

Sweet Karen and I at the park, one of our June field trips. We took over 200 kids with us.

Well, once again I have failed to update while serving at Impact. So sorry I let my busy schedule get in the way. Our 6-week long VBS program went beautifully. We had more than 200 youth group volunteers and 25 interns come together to teach over 250 kids the Fruits of the Spirit.

Our theme, “Free to be me,” sought to teach our children that they have spiritual gifts our Heavenly Father gave them and that they are free to be who he made them to be. They need only let the Holy Spirit use those “Fruits” to become the beautiful creations that glorify God in all they do.

Karen Queredo, one of our first-graders, exemplifies our theme. She’s quiet. She doesn’t necessarily see herself as God’s child, but she uses  her “fruits” like kindness and gentleness to include the other first-graders in class that have trouble making it through VBS. One day, one of her classmates threw up in their lunch room. A few of the other kids laughed, and I scolded them. Karen said softly, “We should be nice to them like they would want us to be.”

Karen is shy. But she is so sweet, keenly observant of others’ needs. She is free to be herself in Christ with “fruits” unique to her.

The interns and I were sad to say goodbye to Karen and the rest of our kids, but many of us kept the summer going a bit longer. We went on Impact’s high-school mission trip for the third year at the beginning of August. We served the inner-city ministry of Contact in Tulsa, OK for the week. We put on a VBS there very similar to the weeks we did at Impact. We loved it, and I was encouraged to see another wonderful inner-city ministry growing. I have a lot to learn from ministries like these.

My three years at Impact have blessed me and given me the courage to spend my next two years in Tegucigalpa. I have seen Impact ministers and volunteers love like Jesus wanted of his followers, and I will forever be affected by such influences.

I’m about to go back to OKC and spend some time with family and friends. I’m officially set to leave on Oct. 12 for Honduras. Some moments I feel like throwing up from the idea of going without a teammate and without the people I love the most. In other moments, the excitement to experience what’s coming rushes through me, and I can’t help but smile. Most of all, I know this is what God wants of me. And, of course, I’m excited to meet new Karens. I already know of several I can’t wait to see again!

Please, pray for me as I continue to fundraise. I lack about $25,000 in funds. And as always, thank you so much for your support.


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