A, one might call borderline hellion, little girl

Dayana is now sponsored for Christmas!

Left to right: Escarleth, Rosie, Dayana, and two kids who have since moved out of our building, Andiel and Kimberly

Dayana is a beautiful four-year-old girl – wild from raising herself on the streets thus far. I love her, but we all struggle to have patience with her. She would sooner cuss you out, pinch you, yell at you, punch you in the arm or kick you in the shins than show kindness for more than two minutes.

But Dayana is simply a little girl who craves love. She always reaches up to be held and expects hugs, and she frequently and freely gives them back…then whips around and spits in the air. She’s…complicated, to say the least.

Each member of her family has always called Dayana crazy all her life. They actually think she’s mentally unstable or challenged.

But Dayana is not unstable or challenged. This sweet, little girl is the second to last of 11 children. Dayana’s mother Belkis loves her. I have no doubt of that, but her mom was a child of the street herself and can’t possible show proper love to 11 children. She wouldn’t know how even to begin.

Dayana may become unstable if she doesn’t receive the unconditional love she needs. Pray we have patience with her, even when she spits in our face. Pray we can show her love through discipline. Pray we teach her someone loves her fully, even though she is one of many. He’s fully capable of loving her the way she needs.

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