Here, there…(You get it.)

Ok so updating one blog proves hard enough for me (organizationally – and otherwise – challenged as I am). But now I’m trying to keep up with two, the other being a blog designed specifically for Shine.

Click the above picture to view the Shine blog!

In other words, I’m working on keeping up with both, and I’m kind of sucking at it…obviously.

But I shall overcome (was that dramatic enough? No, you’re right…I need some exclamation points)!! After all, I want all of you to know about my ministry with Breaking Chains (our work with the homeless) as well. So, I’ll do my best to keep both blogs updated.

I love becoming more involved with Breaking Chains. I’m continuing to grow more attach to our kids, teens and adults each time we meet.

We began a teen’s class this week that we’re hoping to turn into a youth group. It won’t necessarily always be a class. We want to do activities and trips just like a youth group does. Please pray for the success of creating an environment where our teens feel a sense of community. We wish this for them to avoid seeking community in detrimental places.

Amber and I attended a retreat last weekend put on by the Women of Purpose: Sisterhood Revive. This retreat provided a beautiful way for me to meet other missionaries and experience their need for rejuvenation. I became inspired by their heart, their calling and their complete loyalty to our God. I felt honored to be in their presence for such a short time and learn from their extraordinary faith.

We are now planning our Christmas festivities at Breaking Chains. Look for future posts about how you and your family can bless a family in our homeless ministry.

Thank you for your continued support and for making my presence here possible. Blessings to you all.


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