The aspiring male model…

Andiel moved away with his mom and sister.

We have a little boy who often refuses to give hugs unless you approach him. He likely won’t give you any attention, if he doesn’t know you. Frankly, he’ll most often run the other direction.

Unless you have a camera…

Then he will strike a pose the second he sees you. He expects you to take a picture of him. But he almost never smiles. And he always expects to see the finish product. For a two-year-old, honestly…he’s a bit of a diva.

But really why wouldn’t you want to take his picture? Look at him. Look at his cute, curly hair.

His name is Andiel, and he’s the youngest of four children (that I know of). He will almost always give me a hug now, although sometimes his mom has to give him a little nudge. I’ll admit sometimes I just pick him up so that he doesn’t have a choice in the matter. But he waits for me to say goodbye when we leave. And when he hugs you, he means it, and it’s a big deal.

But Andiel is a little more fearless than perhaps he should be. He began pestering a neighborhood dogs a few weeks ago. And the dog reciprocated, biting Andiel on the nose. He ended up getting a few stitches, and he is feeling all better now. But it definitely scared him and his mom. It was sweet to see her, later that day, taking care of him so tenderly.

Andiel definitely thinks he’s bigger than he is, but I see a lot of determination in him, even at such a young age.

This little one is a sweet boy with a lot of potential. He doesn’t always get the love and attention he needs as he has a mother of the streets just like Dayana. But I have high hopes for little Andiel. He’s got a big heart for such a little boy, and it just needs some encouraging love. Please say a prayer for little Andiel – that he may know the pure love of God.


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