A neglected daughter…

Escarleth is now sponsored for Christmas!

Many teenagers live at the Breaking Chains building or are a part of our walk-in ministry (meals, church, etc.) as I have already mentioned. They seem to feel the most unloved of anyone that stays in our building, and Escarleth is no different.

After all, they’re practically still kids but are grown up enough to be jaded and hurt from their situation. They feel the neglect or absence of their parents and are looking for love.

Our sweet Escarleth is one of these kids that lives in our building. She tries to pretend like she hates it when our youth group meets, but she laughs more than anyone and always has the sweetest comments when only someone from our team is listening.

Escarleth isn’t an orphan but really might as well be. Her mother Reina lives on the streets with her stepfather and baby sister Amber (named after our own Amber Foster – they all use to live at the building). Reina rarely speaks with Escarleth now. And when she does, she tells Escarleth how much she hates her and wishes she never had her.

Our first meeting of our youth group, we talked about our goals, both personal and within the group. Escarleth can’t read or write; so, she had me help her. She then told me her first goal, “I want to be with my mom.” Not I wish I got a long better (perhaps a normal teenage response. No, she said she simply wanted to be with her mom.

A Christmas wish we wish we could make happen. Instead, we try to love her and show her a love greater than any Earthly one.


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