Our own reality TV star…

Belkis is now sponsored for Christmas!

Belkis is one of the most incredulous characters I have ever seen in real life. She could have a reality TV show and the Kadarshians would have nothing on her, let alone her 11 children. She is the most entertaining, yet perhaps the most bipolar individuals at Breaking Chains. I’m not sure if I can truly describe her and give you an accurate idea of who she is.

So, I’ll just translate an interaction I had with her earlier this week…

Amber, Courtney and I had just arrived at the building. The first conversation I heard, “Dayana, you’re crazy. Why don’t you act right?”

“She’s not crazy,” I said. “Stop telling her that!”

“Yes, Ma (it’s kind of their version of an affectionate ma’am),” Belkis said. “Look at her.”

I shook my head and pointed to her chest. What I haven’t mentioned is Belkis likes to store items in the upper region of her shirt. Money. Her phone. It always looks like she has some type of growth coming from her chest.

In this case, a small convenience store consisting of various items like a several bags of chips, candy and probably a Gatorade (OK, everything but the last one).

“Look at you!” I said. “You’re crazy!”

Belkis looked down at her convenient, tuck-away store and let out a guffaw. She waved me away with a big grin across her face.

Belkis and Amber's adoptive daughter Rosie, who is Belkis' 11th child.

That’s Belkis. She’s hilarious but can also be incredibly frustrating. She undoubtedly loves her eleven children (six of which live at the building), but she’s a child of the street just like her kids. She can only provide and act out what she knows. Considering all that, she often surprises me with her ability to love.

We took Dayana and Jonatan to their first meeting at their new school yesterday. Belkis sat in front of the principal and did everything she could to get scholarship for her kids. She acted very respectful and appreciative to the principal. She was a proud mama yesterday. And I was proud of her.

We got Dayana and Jonatan (and perhaps some of Belkis’ older children) scholarships to a bilingual school here in the city, and hopefully it marks another chapter in changing the cycle within Belkis’ family.


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