The silent, heart stealer…

Melvin is now sponsored for Christmas!

I have a project at Breaking Chains, and he’s a little boy named Melvin. He three years old and lives on the second floor of our building with his parents Eugene and Eddy and two sisters Genesis and Escarleth.

I want to make Melvy talk my ear off, but he’s only said a few words to me. He lets me hold him now and has for a while. He waits for me to pick him up but of course will never ask. But he expects it. Sometimes he’ll stand near me, just waiting.

When he spoke for the first time, I said, “HUH, YOU CAN SPEAK?! YAY!” He then stopped smiling and stared into my soul. If I didn’t love his parents, I think I might steal him.

Yeah yeah, I know that’s illegal. I’m not going to do it! I just love him, OK? Plus, like I said, I love his parents. They are both kind people who just want to take care of their family.

Melvy doesn’t really pay much attention to other gringos (white people), and he really only pays attention to me because I don’t give him a choice.

Greatest picture ever.

I love tickling him – it’s the only way he’ll laugh. He’s a pill like many of the other kids at the building, but he just wants love and attention. Just like any other kid. Don’t you just want to make him giggle?


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