A loving mom…

Eddy is now sponsored for Christmas!

We have two moms living at the building now. Andiel’s mom left with him yesterday to go live with his dad. We now have Belkis and a sweet, quiet lady named Eddy.

Eddy with her husband Eugene

I have respected Eddy from the start. She’s calm, collected and does the best she can for her kids and her sister Mirna. And she’s got some wonderful kids – Melvin, Escarleth (different one than previously written about) and Genesis.

She and her husband essentially keep to themselves with Eugene often working late. They spend a lot of time in their room or away from the building.

They seem not to want to get involved in all the shenanigans with Belkis and others that live in the building. I have never seen her yell at her kids, and that’s pretty rare.

Eddy seems to want to do the best for her three kids despite their livelihood. She always seems genuinely happy to see me and wants her kids to interact with us.

I respect her for her ability to produce kids that seem to be much less affected by their previous and even current circumstances.

Pray for Eddy and her family – that we can encourage them to stay together and find them a healthy, living situation outside the building within the next year.

The whole family: they didn't want their picture taken!


2 thoughts on “A loving mom…

    • Gary!
      No, no one has sponsored Eugene or Eddy! We would love for you to sponsor them. We’re so happy you want to. Thank you so much for caring about these precious parents! We love them and believe in them so much! Thank for your generous gift to both of them! Blessings to you and merry Christmas!

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