Our little quinceañera…

Carina is now sponsored for Christmas!

We celebrated a quinceañera a few weeks ago. Our Carina turned 15. 
But there were no white dresses, no fancy churches, no ceremonies and certainly no tiaras.

We did have cupcakes, a few presents, smiling faces and some love to spread around.

For those of you who don’t know, Spanish-speaking countries celebrate la quinceañera, when a young girl turns 15. It usually looks a lot like a wedding, but there’s no marriage. Just a girl coming of age. The event celebrates her purity and, in some cases, her walk with God.

Sweet Carina is the oldest of Belkis‘ children living at the building. I have loved her since I met her. She always comes up to me and kisses me on the cheeks. She gives the best hugs.

My mom gave her a gift for her birthday because she knew she wouldn’t get much from her own mother. They can’t afford much. My mom gave her something very small, but it meant a great deal to our quinceañera. It wasn’t the gift but the act of giving.

Carina came up to me a few weeks later, smiling with curiosity. She hugged me and asked, “Do you ever talk to your mom?”

“Yes, of course,” I said. “Why?”

She smiled and formed her thumb and pinky fingers into a triangle with her face. “On the phone?”

I paused, giving her a funny look and laughing at her visual representation of a phone. “Yes,” I said.

She hesitated too and started playing with her fingers. “Tell her I said hi!” She said and then ran off.

Kindness counts. You can affect one of our kids, even doing the smallest act. My mom was only here for nine days, and she’s missed and not just by me.


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