The up and coming leader…

Giovany is sponsored for Christmas!

Giovany has risen up to become a great leader within our ministry. He is one of several teens that live at our building.

He and Belkis make sure the door gets locked up at 9 p.m. and only lets in those coming in late for good reason. He has a lot of supports among our team, and we have great hopes for him.

Giovany adores Amber and David, another member of our team, and hates any time he disappoints them. He is constantly looking for their approval and is improving in every way because of it.

David and Amber hope to get Giovany into a trade school. We think this would be a great thing for him and that he would really soar having something like this. We believe it would continue to help him change his life. We are excited to see what God has in mind for this wonderful kid.

Escarleth and Giovany refusing to smile

We all think Giovany could become a great man of faith. Pray for his future. That he will use these positive influences to become a great leader within our new youth group.


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