A girl with a captivating smile…

Mirna is sponsored for Christmas!

Entry written by Courtney Mathews

Courtney serves as BC’s Communications Manager and North American Liason.

Since moving into the building, the family of Eugenio, Eddy, Genesis, Escarleth and Melvin has wormed their way into our hearts, and so has Eddy’s sister Mirna.

When the family started coming around, most of them were shy – but not Mirna. Each time I saw her she would give me a big hug and answer all of my horribly boring questions with a laugh and tell me stories about her family.

Belkis, Courtney and Mirna

Mirna’s smile and laugh, I think, are what characterize her the most. Even when I know she is sad, she still wears her infectious smile with the understanding that “this too shall pass.”

Mirna is also in an in between stage of her life. Most of the people living in our building are either teenagers or already raising a few kids of their own. At 21, she is older and much more mature than the teenager in our building, but she not so old that she has completely settled into family life.

Mirna is currently expecting her first child. She isn’t sure what sex of the baby is yet, but is due sometime between the end of December and early January. I think God has a special place in his heart for people like Mirna: people who trust in Him and take life as it comes, people who don’t quite have a place to belong and people who truly understand that they need Him to get through the many stages of life.

I pray that Mirna keeps her attitude and smile and that God will bless her with a healthy baby whom she can love and care for and raise in the Lord. And that God’s hand will be over Mirna as she begins this new chapter of her life.


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