A father with dreams…

Ricardo is now sponsored for Christmas!

Entry written by Courtney Mathews

A month or so ago a new family moved into the Breaking Chains building, and we haven’t seen much of them since. Okay, that’s not entirely true, but the family is very private and chooses to do their own thing a lot of the time. Ricardo is the father of the family and does his best to provide for his growing loved ones.

So much that at times we refer to them as our “secret family” for the manner in which they keep to themselves. However, from the time that we do interact with them -like during church on Sundays, movie nights and other times around the building-it is clear that they are a family who love one another deeply.

Ricardo works as a fare collector on a public bus, but recently told me that he doesn’t want to do that anymore because it’s too dangerous. The people who work in the public bus systems are often targets of robbery or killings by local gangs, and Ricardo wants to be around to support his family.

Instead, he would like to open his own little business selling clothes in a nearby city. Right now he is starting to sell items like shampoo and hair products, but eventually once to make enough money to sell in the markets.

It is clear if you watch Ricardo for any amount of time just how much he loves his children. In fact, every time I see him he has one of his children. He is a father who just wants to love and support them, without fear. We pray that God watches over Ricardo as he transitions in his work and that he continues to be a good role model for his wife and children.


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