Seeking community…

Joselin is now sponsored for Christmas!!

Joselin is one of the several teenage girls we have living at our building. She is a little firecracker with a big sense of humor and a gigantic heart.

She’s also jaded with a big attitude for good reason. She was a part of our fourth family living at the BC building, but her mom left with her little brother. Her little sister later joined them.

I imagine she’s quite used to situations like these. When I asked her about it, she mentioned them leaving casually as if it didn’t matter.

During a trust-building game

But Joselin went from being a family of four to alone. They all had their issues, and Joselin even called her mother by her first name, not mom. But that’s still one of the few people she told us she trusted, and now she’s living alone in the room where her family once lived.

We hope so much that our youth group can become our family and that our team can give her the love that she needs. Joselin can be very frustrating at times, but I think I would act the same if I had the live she has had.

We we took a group of teens, Joselin included, to a national park outside Tegucigalpa on Saturday. The teens were able to take a few of the park’s boats out on the lagoon. Thankfully, no one tipped over, somewhat to our surprise. They also had a few horses you could ride around a soccer field for a few bucks.

The teens loved the day and its activities, and I loved seeing Joselin and the other teens enjoying spending time in nature away from the insanity of their lives and their past. Joselin could, I think, easily fall into the chains of the streets again, but I pray that we can give her an atmosphere that feels like home, a place where she wants to stay and feel a part of a healthy community.


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