A quiet presence…

Herminia is now sponsored for Christmas!!!

An entry written by Courtney Mathews

Some people in our ministry are known for their big personalities and even louder mouths – Herminia is not one of those people.

Herminia is a quiet, middle-aged woman who lives in our building. She is single and, from what we can tell, does not have any family that she is especially close to. She doesn’t say a lot outright, but will if you initiate the conversation.

We think Herminia may have some sort of mental problem because of her strange behavior every once in a while, but she is as sweet as can be.

She does her chores everyday and makes sure she is at every Sunday worship service. She also thoroughly enjoys movie night and often asks when we will have another one and what movie we will choose to watch.

Though she doesn’t tell us as much about her life as the others, I know that she is appreciative of this place and of us. I see it in the hugs that she gives me when we come to the building and in her face as she prays during worship.

I pray that God protect Herminia and give her the strength it takes to make it through life as a single woman – and that we will be here for her when she needs us.


2 thoughts on “A quiet presence…

    • Thank you, Alayna and Tyler! You’re so sweet to want to give Herminia a special Christmas this year! I hope your Christmas is as special as hers will be! Thank you so much! Blessings to you both!

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