A sparkling treasure with a dim past…

Milton is now sponsored for Christmas!

Entry written by Amber Foster

17-year-old Milton has completely stolen my heart away. This precious young man has been part of our ministry for most of the past year but only moved in recently. Milton wears his heart on his sleeve and is desperate for someone to tell him he is worth loving.

Born to a mother who made it clear he wasn’t wanted, he began to help his much older brother run drugs as a young school boy who could pass unnoticed by the police. When Milton was eight years old, his mother was killed in some drug related violence. Milton’s other siblings made sure to let him know at any opportunity that the fault lies with him and his older brother.

I have held Milton through more tears than I care to count. He cried telling me stories of a mother who told him giving birth to a roll of barbed wire would have been more useful than him. And he cried describing the many places he’s been rejected since his mother’s death.

But I have also recently had the honor of listening to him giggle and tell stories of “borrowing” horses with his friends and building tree houses as a small child or singing songs he has written in praise of a God he is desperately clinging to. He dreams of owning a house on a hill overlooking the forest where he can ride horses and get away from the world.

As with so many of our kids, it is difficult for me to reconcile the pain of their lives with the innocence of their giggles and their dreams. Here at Breaking Chains we spend a lot of our time reassuring scared, defeated kids that this was not God’s plan for families. We constantly tell them they are absolute treasures in God’s eyes. My deepest prayer for Milton is that he is able to realize what a treasure he is and show the world the heart of gold behind his tough exterior.


3 thoughts on “A sparkling treasure with a dim past…

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  2. I wish to sponsor Milton. If he is already sponsored, I will support any other child or teen. Thanks again for the opportunity and thanks for the great work that you do.

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