Wordless expressions of a beautiful boy…

Brian is now sponsored for Christmas!!

Entry written by Amber Foster

Amber began Breaking Chains in 2009 and is the brains, heart and soul of the ministry.

When long-haired, shy Brian first walked through the door with his Grandma, we all thought he was a little girl with obvious developmental problem of some kind.

Brian’s family believes he has Down Syndrome. I have my doubts about this diagnosis, but he definitely has several features that would suggest that. He’s non verbal except for the occasional “ma” when calling his Grandma. But he is far from non expressive. His precious face lights up as he plays with his puppies or tries to follow along in our Bible class.

Brian and his hero Axel

A few weeks ago two little silhouettes began to wander through the room about 30 minutes into the movie on Saturday night. We all felt thrilled to finally see these little kids enjoying movie night with us.

Since then Brian and 3-year-old brother Axel have been a fixture at Movie night. Their innocent giggles bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Brian takes his cues from Axel and would follow him to the ends of the earth. It is a true blessing to watch these two interact and experience the world together.

Brian and I are continuing to get to know each other. We still have a long way to go but his precious face brings joy to my life.


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