A hardworking mother…

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Entry written by Amber Foster

If you’re not really careful, you’ll miss Suyapa. During the day and even in the evening, she is nowhere to be seen. But if you wake up early in the morning before she leaves for work, you’ll find her cleaning the bathroom or fixing a meal for her children.

Suyapa is the mother in white

Suyapa lives in our building with her husband Ricardo, four children and now a new granddaughter. Suyapa’s mother also lives with them and helps takes care of the kids while Suyapa’s at work during the day.

Suyapa is one of the most responsible people we have living in our building. She never leaves without doing her chores, and she obviously adores her children.

At first glance you wouldn’t expect her to be such a loving mother and dedicated member of our community. She often looks irritated. But I have learned that if I just take a moment to talk to her she will bless my day with a big smile and a shy conversation.

We have taken to calling Suyapa’s family of eight the “secret” family, as Courtney mentioned in her entry about Ricardo, because they keep very much to themselves. It has become a challenge and joy to each of us on our team to draw out different members of this family and become their friends. I enjoy the short conversations Suyapa and I share in the mornings about her children or the day’s event, and I look forward to the day that we are able to share more time together.


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