In need of healing…

Jose de la Cruz is now sponsored for Christmas!

Entry written by David Logue
David serves as our youth minister and resident paramedic/nurse/medical guru.

Jose (left) and Giovany

This one-armed, crazy 17-year-old has had one of the roughest pasts I have ever heard. Jose De la Cruz has seen it all, from being shot five different times, to dealing with addictions, to having his right arm cut off with a machete.This boy has a heart that is searching for approval. He’s searching for something we cannot give him, only God himself can heal.

Jose has a tender heart, looking for love and affection. He never lets his handicap get in the way of anything he wants to do. Jose loves to help us build houses, pass out food during the nights we feed and loves to wash the ministry vehicles.

During our youth classes, Jose loves to write notes to Amber and me in his journal. Weekly he writes how thankful he is that God loves him so much to send him a “Ma and Pa” that love him so much, even when he still messes up. We have tried to explain to him, we love just as God does, not judging just trying to help him decide right from wrong and moving on from there.

Jose has the hardest time dealing with his addiction to glue. Once or twice a week he still struggles and Satan gets the upper hand, sending Jose to the streets for the night, looking to fill that void of love and affection.

We cannot wait to see the day Jose De la Cruz is off the streets for good, to see God working in his life, sharing his story to those still searching for the love of Christ. That day will come, and the angels in heaven will rejoice!


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