A boy to believe in…

Antonio is now sponsored for Christmas!

Entry written by David Logue

Antonio (right) with his older brother who both live at our building. It's sweet to see them together.

About a week ago I did my normal goodbye rounds through the building, and just as if it was normal kissed a newcomer, little punk on the top of the head and said, “I love you too,” with a smile. Antonio looked up at me and said, “Goodnight, David” with a big grin.

As this past week has progressed, Antonio has stolen my heart. He loves to spend time with us, just hanging out and talking, is in constant need of affection from Amber or myself, really just wanting to be loved.

When the opportunity arises, Amber and I like to take the kids out for some one on one time, just to get  them away from everyone else to talk about life, God or things they are struggling with. Today Antonio and I had about an hour or so, just the two of us to talk about ‘life stuff.’

Antonio (right) with his little brother who came to visit

I asked the normal questions to get to know him a little better. Why aren’t you with your parents? What grade have you finished through in school? Things like that. Antonio really didn’t want to discuss his past home life; so, I didn’t push the issue too much. But we did get stuck on the education subject.

Antonio is 14 years old and has only finished schooling through the third grade. When I asked if he wanted to start attending school again, he grinned from ear to ear and said he would if I have the opportunity. After some discussion about what his favorite subjects are, I asked what would be his dream job. With excitement in his face, he said that he hopes to own his own automotive repair shop.

This little booger has high hopes and dreams. I hope and pray that God allows us the opportunity to play a part in Antonio’s life, to show him there is more for him then life on the streets of Tegucigalpa.


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