A friendship renewed…

Osman is sponsored for Christmas!

Entry written by Amber Foster

Osman is a 15-year-old young man who has lived with us for the past several months. Osman is typically a very dejected teenager who often antagonizes the other kids and rarely shows true feelings toward anything. I have often wondered if Osman is suffering from some form of Autism.

Brian and Osmond

A few weeks ago Brian was visiting Honduras and came to our building with David. When he walked in he pointed to Osman and said, “I know that kid, he used to be at the orphanage.”

When David asked Osman, “Do you remember that man,” Osman smiled a huge smile and said, “Yes, that’s Brian.” The change that came over Osman was clear. He stayed near Brian, smiled a lot, and was eager to share his memories.

Then we went into church. Brian sat down next to Osman and put his arm around him, and Osman began to cry. David took Osman out to see what the problem was and I followed close behind. When asked Osman said, “I just remember how happy I used to be. I was so different then, when I knew Brian.”

It was a touching moment for all of us and Brian’s visit meant a lot to Osman. These kids rarely see people from their past, and when they do it is usually not a positive occurrence. I am so thankful that Osman had this opportunity and that Brian continues to make that relationship a priority in his life.


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