A sweet girl with a hard shell…

Rosa is now sponsored for Christmas!

Entry written by Courtney Mathews

The contrast of a tough exterior with an incomprehensible sweetness is something that continues to fascinate me about many of the youth that come to our building.  A few weeks ago, a sixteen-year-old named Rosa arrived at our building with her boyfriend, Arnol.

Arnol and Rosa had both been in one of the large children’s homes in Tegucigalpa before encountering problems and choosing to leave. Not knowing where else to go, someone showed them to our building.

Rosa is equal parts tough and sweet. She has had a hard life, and it shows in the way she carries herself, as if no one in the world should dare mess with her. She rarely smiles unless prompted by something truly humerous and is guarded in her conversations.

Rosa with Amber's daughter, Rosie.

But she also cares deeply, seen in her love for Arnol and her protective nature over his little brother, Jorge. And when she smiles, it is a beautiful sight to see.

The other day we took a trip to Valley of the Angels to get some supplies for Winterfest, and Rosa and some others tagged along. It was the first time I had seen Rosa let her guard down for a bit, eating pupusas, playing on park swings and even riding a horse at one point.

I pray that, as time goes on, Rosa will learn to open up more. I pray that she will learn that every place is not like a children’s home where she has to put on a tough act for other kids, but rather she can rest securely in the knowledge that we love her as does her heavenly Father.


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