A grandma with a servant heart…

C.C. is sponsored for Christmas!

We all have a grandma at Breaking Chains, or someone we wish was our grandma, at least. Her name is C.C., and she’s the one of the cutest little ladies you will ever have the pleasure of interacting with.

C.C. lives at our building with her daughter Suyapa, son-in-law Ricardo, four grandkids and one great-grandson. She takes the best care of her grandkids while her daughter and son-in-law work during the day.

Each of us on the BC team love watching C.C. with her grandkids. She meets their every need with love and sweet care. We especially enjoy seeing the way Brian, her grandson with special needs, lights up around her. He adores his grandma and follows every instruction she gives.

C.C.’s the one that always brings the kids to church on Sundays. She files into our church room with the three young grandkids, and she’s often also carrying her granddaughter Yahira’s baby boy too.

This sweet woman will greet you with a gentle kiss on the cheek and a hug around the neck. She’s as kind as she is attentive to her grandkids. Her family has become more comfortable around our team, and we can’t wait to get to know them more.

Pray we can serve this sweet woman in any way she needs in the same beautiful way she serves her family.


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