A relationship to witness…

Eugene is sponsored for Christmas!

He never smiles in pictures.

I have seen a lot of love since I arrived in Honduras – love from all shapes,kinds and sizes. It’s definitely a beautiful sight to see, and it melts my heart every time. But one love caught me by surprise, and I’m so grateful to God I get to witness it. It comes from one of our dad’s at the building, and he dishes it out to his kids but particular his three-year-old son Melvin.

I love, love, love watching these two together. Eugene works sometimes late. And when he’s in the building, he keeps to his room and his family most days. But often at church and sometimes in the evenings, I get to see him interact with the light of his life, Melvin.

Melvin and Eugene

As I told you, Melvin’s very quiet, but he does open up around his family. Most of all, though, he thinks his dad is something like a god. Melvin and Eugene are inseparable, and it’s a remarkable sight to witness. Eugene works hard for his family, and he could have very little to do with his kids. But that’s certainly not the case.

He loves his girls Genesis and Escarleth and his wife Eddy too. That’s obvious. He does what he can to provide for and take care of his family, and I respect him so much for that. I pray we can express this to him and help this dad in any way we can.


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