A loving brother…

Axel is now sponsored for Christmas!

We have several cute relationships in our building, for sure. Many connections to melt your heart. One in particular makes me want to pinch this little boys’ cheeks when I see it. It involves two brothers, Axel and Brian.

I always love watching siblings interact when one of them has a disability, but I have never seen siblings this young behave this way. Axel is four years old and takes care of his brother like Brian was his child. As we already mentioned, eight-year-old Brian follows Axel everywhere, and Axel makes sure to guide Brian where ever he needs.

When they walk into church, they hold hands. When they sit down on the bench, Axel pats the place where Brian should sit. When they get up for class, Axel places his hand on Brian’s arm to show him the way.

When it’s time to eat after church, they hold hands in line, and Brian follows Axel’s every step. Axel always makes sure Brian is comfortable and knows where to go.

Axel puts most of us to shame for how we treat our siblings. We can all take a lesson from his servant nature. These two become more comfortable with us after every interaction we share with them. Each member of our team is excited to get to know this sweet brother, Axel, better.


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