Finding family…

Miguel is sponsored for Christmas!

Entry written by David Logue

About four months ago, this punk kid walked in the doors of Breaking Chains, and at first glance I thought he was a girl. Turns out, Miguel, long hair and all, loves 60’s and 70’s rock and is just searching for what we all want, someone to love them in a healthy, healing way.

Miguel is Antonio’s older brother. He struggles with some issues that are too deep for us to heal without God’s help. While growing up with several different men in and out of the house, Miguel was not treated well, which left him with obvious trust issues.

But he’s still the most honest kid I have ever met. If you ask him something, anything, he will give you an honest answer and is not afraid to tell you the truth, which is a big deal considering his unstable past.

David and Miguel

Just like any teenager, Miguel loves to sleep and eat. He struggles some with marijuana, but he’s a great kid. This boy has taken the heart of all of us here at Breaking Chains with his smile, honesty and the way he just loves to be loved. At first it took a while for him to open up and share his past. It took some time to grow that trust. But when he trusts, he loves deeply.

Last week Amber pointed out something that I never even noticed, he has starting calling me “his papi” or his “old man.” Most of the kiddos here at Breaking Chains call me Pa or Papi David, but Miguel has started to claim me as his Pa, which made feel like I was making a difference. Something I pray daily I am able to do.

God is always in control and will continue to work in Miguel’s life. I just hope and pray that at some point he doesn’t get too attached and get scared to keep growing in his future outside our building.


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