Looking for her place…

Angi is now sponsored for Christmas!!

Most of our Breaking Chains kids make themselves known pretty quickly. They’re loud, rambunctious and ornery. But only a couple are a little more subtle in their presences. And only one prefers very little attention from any of our team – a little, petite girl named Angi.

Angi is one of the youngest kids living in our building, and the one I know probably the very least, besides her new, little nephew. She giggles and plays just like any other little one, but she’s resistant to my charm and obvious fun personality. We’re working on it.

Angi lives with her parents Suyapa and Ricardo and the rest of their sweet family. Angi seems to act the shyest around us, besides her brother Brian.

Angi with her brothers Brian and Axel

She follows her brothers around and adores playing with them. It’s beautiful to see them all interact. They take care of each other like no family I have seen in their situation. Angi emulates her brothers and adores her grandma, parents and older sister.

For a while, Angi refused to come to Bible class, but this past Sunday she came after we had started. We would always just sit with her grandma. She stood nearby, probably debating in her head whether it was worth the necessary interaction with the adults to be with her brothers and the other kids. Her older brother ran to her rescue and held her hand while she walked to where we all sat.

We’re all excited to see more of Angi’s personality and see her become more comfortable around us. This little girl has all kinds of potential, and we pray God’s blessings on this little, shy angel.


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