A Christmas wish…

Christmas at Breaking Chains!

Our team has talked for weeks about how we should celebrate Christmas with those involved at our Breaking Chains ministry. We want to give the kids, teens and adults the chance to have a Christmas they wouldn’t have otherwise.

We’re very excited about what we came up with! We’re having a Christmas celebration with everyone that lives in our building by taking an overnight trip to the beach! A few of us plan on going ahead of everyone else and decorating with a Christmas tree, lights and have all the presents wrapped. We want to give each person at our building a gift.

Then, the rest of our team will bring the BC families, teens and other adults to the beach. Only our team will know what’s happening; it will be a complete surprise to those in our ministry. When the group arrives, we will surprise them with food, gifts and a lot of love. Our kids and adults have spent many years feeling like no one cares about them on Christmas, but we can make this year different.

How you can help:

Over the past month, I hope you have felt a part of Breaking Chains. We wanted you to get to know our ministry on an individual level. We hope that you will want to help us make Christmas special for some people who really need that kind of love! We need sponsors for everyone living at our building, $100 each. If you want to fulfill a Christmas wish for someone in our ministry, you can co-sponsor or fully sponsor a child, a teen, an adult or several if you are able.

We hope that you have felt moved by one of our stories, that you have felt a connection to someone in our ministry when you heard their story. We know we have, and we urge you to pick that soul to sponsor. If you feel a connection to him or her, we want to foster that connection. We trust God can use that connection to show his healing love to that soul in our ministry.

We would love to be able to give a child or adult your picture and say, “They wanted you to have a good Christmas because they love you so much! They believe in you!” And we would love to give you a picture of that child or adult and say, “You are responsible for their Christmas grin. You showed them love where we could not. Thank you.”

Your $100 goes to:

  1. Buying a Christmas gift for that person
  2. Transportation to the beach
  3. Meals at the beach
  4. A small part goes to buying decorations we’ll use at the building and later at the beach
  5. A small part goes to a dinner at the building on Christmas day for all the homeless in the community we serve regularly

Finding who you wish to sponsor:

If you haven’t yet made a connection or just don’t remember when the entry was written, all those living in our building are listed by family or group in the previous entry (you can click the link to take you there).

How to tell us who you wish to sponsor:

When you decide who you wish to sponsor, please find his or her blog entry and comment on it. Tell us in the comment box, “I wish to sponsor (insert name here).” If you only wish to co-sponsor, tell us,” I wish to co-sponsor (insert name) for (insert amount you wish to contribute).” This ensures that no one thinks someone is open when they aren’t.

Also, if you don’t mind, please include your email address so that we have it to send a thank-you and a picture of the individual you’re sponsoring. If you don’t wish your email address to be listed on the blog, you can email me at michael@bchonduras.org and give it to me that way.

Hint: Be sure to look both at the top of their entry and in the comment section to ensure someone isn’t already sponsoring the person you want to sponsor.

Sending us the donation:

Please make your checks payable to Breaking Chains Honduras with Christmas in the memo line. Send them to:

Breaking Chains Honduras
14301 Middleberry Rd.
Edmond, OK           73013

If you would like, you can make a donation online instead at bchonduras.org. Keep in mind that Paypal takes around three percent of the donation for the use of their service. So, if you donate online, please include an extra $5 if the initial amount is $100 so that we don’t short anyone for Christmas. Thank you!

If you decide you want to give to the general Christmas fund, please email me at michael@bchonduras.org and let us know that’s what you decided so that we know to look for the funds.


Reminder: As we have explained before, our ministry serves wanderers, and some have addictions, which means there’s a possibility the person you wish to sponsor will leave before Christmas. It’s unlikely with most of them, but it’s not impossible with a few of them. If that happens, we will be sure to email you, and hopefully you will understand even further why our ministry is important and also why it can be so difficult for us.

Most of all, thank you for your interest in our Christmas plans. Your support means so much to us and those at our ministry; it would not be possible without you. Please pray for Christmas at Breaking Chains and for the precious souls we serve.


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