A young mama and her sweet boy…

Yahira and Angel are sponsored for Christmas!

19-year-old Yahira may be the most caring person living in our building. A member of the “secret family”, she isn’t seen much, but whenever I do see her she is always caring for her siblings or her precious new baby.

I don’t think Yahira has ever spoken directly to me unless I initiated the conversation. But when I do, she smiles from ear to ear and gives me a shy, respectful response.

I most often see Yahira as she ferries her youngest brother and sister to the bathroom throughout the day or as she sits with her family at church. In a place where most of the children run around like March Hares, Yahira makes sure that Axel and Angie are always accompanied and well behaved.

Having a baby boy as a single, teenage mom was definitely not in Yahira’s plans, but she carries baby Angel around like he is the greatest treasure she will ever have the honor of holding in her arms. Despite all of the responsibility placed on her young shoulders, Yahira is always smiling and always sweet.

I don’t know how she has managed to keep from becoming jaded or acquiring the self-important attitude most kids her age have, but I do know that she is a blessing to her family and to our ministry. I pray she will be able to maintain her precious spirit and that God will fill her life with the love she so freely shares with others.


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