Another smiling face with a sad past…

Jorge (right) with his older brother, Arnol

Jorge is now sponsored for Christmas!!!

As you can imagine, Thanksgiving couldn’t have felt normal to our team here. None of us were with our families, and we’re in a country that, of course, doesn’t celebrate the holiday. But our house had some great additions who spent the night on Thanksgiving eve, and one of them was newcomer Jorge.

14-year-old Jorge showed up at our building with Miguel’s brother, Antonio, last week. We knew very little about  the boys when they first came, except we love Arnol, and we were excited to see if his brother was just as smiley.

As the week progressed, we have all began to love Jorge and his cute smile. We have since heard more of his story. He began living in a children’s home at the age of 5, and he lived there for 7 years before his mom decided to take care of him. But then she changed her mind after a short time because he spent a year at another home in the city before coming to us.

The team usually take turns spending individual time with different kids away from the building. So, Wednesday night we had Arnol, Rosa and Jorge spend the night at our house. It made the day special for all of us. The kids helped Amber cook, and they watched the Thanksgiving parade with us.

Jorge is a gem, and that seems amazing to me considering his childhood. He smiles all the time just like his brother, and he will crack any joke to make you laugh. We’re excited about getting to know this boy better and hoping he will feel more comfortable to continue to share his life.


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