Other sponsorships…

All our wonderful friends are sponsored for Christmas!! Wow, what an incredible blessing to see so much giving happen in less than five days! We have some unbelievably generous and loving friends and family connected to Breaking Chains. We thank you over and over again!

We can’t wait to shop for all the gifts, to see all the gifts pile up, to wrap them all with the BC team, to see the sweet faces when our friends experience a Christmas like never before. We love our BC family, and we can’t wait to give them a Christmas! A Christmas that’s all thanks to each of you.

If you still wish to help, we have a couple Christmas wishes still to fulfill. Mirna has a new baby boy that we would love to shower with a few Christmas gifts as well. When we go to beach, the same family always cooks for us. They have six kids, and we would love to give them a gift for each of them. We could also get a few more decorations with any extra money or just to have, in case of emergency, for our beach trip.
Any extra funds we receive will go to one of these items. So, if you still want to feel a part of our Christmas, you can still help.

Above all, thank you for making our month in so many ways. You are making Christmas special for several kids and adults that need your love. Thank you, God, for sharing so many generous people with our friends at Breaking Chains!


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