Three beautiful souls left to sponsor!

Sponsor Herminia! Comment on her entry!

Wow, we have only two kids and one adult left to sponsor after only four days of asking. THREE PEOPLE LEFT – Herminia, Jorge and Angi.

We are amazed and excited more than we could ever explain to watch all our friends share Jesus’ love with our friends at Breaking Chains. I check to see if there’s new sponsors every second I can, and new ones bring tears to my eyes pretty much every time. Amber asks me all the time how it’s going or scrolls through my blog to see the updates. God is good, and he provides. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

We can’t wait to tell all our beautiful friends at Breaking Chains about all the people who sacrificed to give them a wonderful Christmas! We’re so looking forward to seeing their faces.

Jorge (right) with his brother Arnol. Sponsor Jorge! Comment on his entry!

The team and I and I have a big job on our hands, but what a blessing it is. We get to pick out gifts for each blessed person you have so graciously sponsored. Doesn’t that sound like the best job in the world?

We only have three our friends left that need someone to make their Christmases special. We have no worry one of you will jump at that chance, and your generosity moves and inspires us.

Thank you to each of you that donated for your beautiful donation and for granting a hurting soul a Christmas wish. You’re showing the selfless love of Jesus to someone who has had few experiences feeling it. Many blessings to all of you. And merry Christmas! May your Christmas be as wonderful as ours will be.

Sponsor Angi for Christmas!


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