Blessings for the new year…

Write the soul you sponsored a blessing!

As Christmas gets closer, I become more excited about the wonderful plans you made happen this year!

We are still collected funds now. But when we have more of the money together, we will be shopping, posting pictures of it and writing about the amazing experience we will have! All thanks to several generous souls that want to share our Savior’s love with our friends at Breaking Chains.

We have already asked many of you to write notes of blessing to the children or adults you chose to sponsor for Christmas. But for those that we haven’t, please consider writing one to go along with your donation.

We know our BC friends would love to hear about your families, your connections with Honduras, your kids, why you wanted to sponsor the people you chose, etc. You could even write he or she a simple blessing for the new year. They will love whatever you say.

We hope this gives you a way to connect further with that sweet child or adult and give he or she a simple way to connect with you also. This is another simple way to show the unconditional love of the Almighty to your new friends this year.

We will translate the note for you and include it in the gift, and we’ll make sure to take lots of pictures when the time comes.

We would really like every person to get a note also. So, if you decide you would rather not write one, that’s completely alright, but let us know. We will ask someone else to write it that maybe wasn’t able to give financially but still wants to help.

Please email your blessings to me at Thank you for loving our loved ones at Breaking Chains in a way we could not. And blessings to you and your family this holiday season!


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