Original Estefanoi…

Entry written by Amber Foster

When we first met Estefanoi over a year ago her name was Carolina, but when she started coming back around recently she was telling everyone her name was Estefanoi. So one day I asked, “Why did you tell me your name was Carolina if it’s actually Estefanoi?” Her response, “Aw Ma, my real name is Carolina, but everyone has that name. I want to be original!”

Let me tell you this girl is an original. When I asked all the kids what they wanted to learn about in youth class,I got a lot of expected answers like self-esteem, drug abuse and life skills. But from Estefanoi, “I want to learn about animals.”  You never know what to expect out of her mouth. It is often cause for laughter and rarely hurtful to anyone. Estefanoi has a heart of gold and loves to care for others.  She is a bit awkward and sometimes not well received by others, but her intentions are always to help.

Estefanoi is 17 and expecting a baby any day now. I truly don’t know what will happen once the baby comes. In the past she has shown that she has a hard time staying in one place, but pray we will be able to find her a stable home she is willing to maintain so that her baby can grow up in a safe and happy environment.  In the meantime it is our daily goal to fill her life with love and let her know that she is God’s precious child with a world of possibilities ahead of her.


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