Help lead these kids out of poverty

Arol enjoying our Amapala trip

Our BC team prays our kids will have a monumental year in 2012. They each get the chance to retreat to a great school away from the chaos that their young lives have become. They will start at Corey’s school, a local bilingual school, in February. We are excited to see how it will affect each child and their future.

Arol started at a transition school this past month to help him catch up so that he can start second grade at Interamerican School next month.

We have seen Arol change since he began school. He’s had some behavior issues in the past, and we wondered how he would handle a completely foreign culture to him, those with money. But now he’s so much happier and better behaved around us. And he’s barely even begun his education.

Ornery, little 5-year-old Dayana

Arol still struggles with getting used to this strange environment and foreign language, but he loves it and the time away from life at a homeless shelter. I can’t wait to see what’s next for him, and I thank God for this precious change in this sweet boy. Please pray he succeeds in school and continues down this bright road.

Thankfully, God has already provided a generous family to support Arol’s education. But Dayana, Jonatan and Escarleth need your help too. For three of these remaining kids to attend school, we need sponsorships for each of them.

Loyal, 6-year-old Jonatan

Each child needs $50 per month for transportation, food and field trips. Then they each need $500 one-time for books, school supplies, uniform, etc. We know it sounds like a lot, but any donation helps their futures.

However much you can give, even just $20 one time, will go along way toward helping provide for Escarleth, Jonatan and Dayana’s education. You can sponsor them monthly or help with a part or all of their one-time needs.

If you wish to help, email me at or my partner in crime at Look for profiles for Escarleth, Jonatan and Dayana on our BC blog and here to learn more about each of these great kids. Thank you for loving our wonderful kids and leading them out of the cycle of poverty.

Sweet, 8-year-old Escarleth


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