Finding hope when there is little

I’m sorry to make you wait for an update on the kids, but there haven’t been many changes. Neither Amber nor I have seen the kids for three weeks now.

The first week consisted of hope and heartbreak – several attempted visits only to be told and (even yelled at) that we weren’t family. We needed special permission from the judge to see the kids. A judge with little interest in talking to us ever again.

The judge’s office gave us the sentencing paperwork this week. This consisted of a packet of everyone’s statements since this all began in August and an explanation of where we go from here.

This packet gave us a chance to see the statements of the social worker, the kids, Belkis and one of Belkis’ grown sons who went with her to speak with the judge. With the exception of Belkis’ older son, each statement had positive remarks about our ministry, Amber and me. Even Belkis said only good things.

Each of the kids said sweet, loving things about Amber and me—about how well they were taken care of and how much we love them.

Reading the statements confused us even more. We truly don’t understand the judge’s reasoning. We miss the kids even more after reading their words of love. But it comforts me knowing they know without a doubt how much we love them. They feel safe with us and knew we were the best place for them.

As of last weekend, the mother wants the kids to be with us and agreed to work with us. Unfortunately, she read the sentencing papers (and Amber’s words after her episode in August) today and had a fit. She’s blaming Amber for the kids being in a center, even though she was the one who said it would be better. She has a history of forgetting her fault in situations.

We’re praying after further conversation she will return to her previous attitude. But it’s very difficult to know which Belkis each day will bring.

We are in the process of finding a lawyer and the funds for one. We have had one recommended and will be in contact with her this week. We have been told if we appear united, between Belkis and us, we have a much greater chance of getting the kids back.

So, we ask your prayers for God to continue to work on Belkis’ heart. She loves her kids in the only way she knows how but is consistently shown us she is unstable and unreliable. And also pray the judge’s eyes are open and see we are serious about doing what’s best for the kids.

If you missed some of this story and for continued updates, go to our blog at or keep checking mine here. This is a slow process with a lot of ups and downs.

Please keep remembering Amber and I in your prayers as we miss our babies terribly. We have nearly become numb to the situation to avoid breaking down everyday. We are seeking peace in the arms of God and pouring ourselves into our ministry and our teens at Breaking Chains. But we are struggling. We are angry and terribly confused.

Thank you for every encouraging prayer and word you have already shared. We are moved by your honest desire to take care of us and our kids.

We have hope in our God for he loves our wonderful kids more than we do.


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