Missing my babies but remembering my blessings

DSC_0544I wrote the blog below to start our fundraising for our second annual Christmas in Amapala, originally posted on our BCHonduras blog. I wish with all that is within me that Arol, Pamela, Jonatan and Dayana could go with me. And for Rosie to be with Amber. But it doesn’t look like that will happen for Christmas.

For that we cry and feel truly angry, but we try to focus on the little blessings God has given us this Christmas – 30 wonderful souls who will experience Christmas at the beach with us this year. We can share in their joy, and this we know is a gift from God.

We’re still looking for sponsors for Beach Christmas 2012 (click the link to see a list of who still needs sponsors). So, please help us take these 30 wonderful people to Amapala. The bottom of the entry below tells how; so, skip to the end if I start to bore you. But please be a part of this experience with us.


DSC_0357You can walk into our building and ask any of our seasoned residents what their favorite memory of their time with us is, and they will without fail tell you the same thing. They’ll say, “When we went to Amapala.”

When we had the thought for Christmas last year, we had no idea the amazing experience we all would have – the little kids, the teens, the adults and our whole team. Christmas at the beach became famous around our Breaking Chains family. Those who went last year have told each newcomer about our adventure all year.

DSC_0571Our Amapala trip has become a motivation for several to behave or for some to do what is required to reenter the building.

As cliche as it may sound, we became a family through our trip last year. Connections and friends formed in ways we never saw coming. And we’re thrilled to see what new friendships with new faces from this year.

DSC_0583Just like everything we do, we can’t do this trip without each of you. Please consider sponsoring one of our residents for our Christmas trip to Amapala on December 19 and 20 for just $125.

To let us know who you would like to sponsor, click on their personal blog entry and tell us in the comment section (be sure and leave us your email address too). When you’re ready to send the funds, click here to donate and follow the instructions to give online or by mail. Be sure to include the name of who you wish to sponsor when you donate.

DSC_0302To see a list of all our residents see this page for a quick, easy way to find a certain child or adult. We will do our best to keep the list updated as we add blog entries (a link will become available to their entry) in the first few days and as residents receive sponsors. Please double-check in the comment section that your choice isn’t already sponsored. And forgive us if something happens and you get an email asking for you to make a second choice. We’ll do our best to avoid that.

If you can’t do $125, you can donate any amount to our general Christmas fund, which will help cover any surprise expenses. We thank you all for your constant support of our ministry. We are continually moved by your generosity. And may you and your family have as wonderful of a Christmas as we know ours will.


2 thoughts on “Missing my babies but remembering my blessings

  1. I am really enjoying reading your blog Michael (I am John’s aunt, Trisha’s sister). I am so very sorry about your situation with the children and will keep praying God will get them back to you! Your trip to the beach for Xmas sounds wonderful and although I couldn’t sponcer someone I did send a small donation and I hope it helps! So happy for you and John and looking forward to meeting you! I hope you and John have a wonderful Xmas!……….With love in Christ……..Marilyn Wiles

    • Thank you for your help. I’m so sorry I’m just now seeing this. Usually I get an email, but somehow I missed your post. You’re so sweet to help. We had an amazing Beach Christmas. Thank you for being a part of it.

      I can’t wait to meet you either! I’m excited to see you in just a few months.

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